Welcome to Ray Heath Associated Ltd
RHA do not undertake any form of manufacturing or sale of products. Our “PRODUCTS” are the experienced and professional expertise and services that we and our associates apply to a wide variety of projects, as a professional consultancy, for an agreed and contracted fee.

  • RHA’s senior personnel are the people who design and implement our projects, ensuring that only appropriate expertise, knowledge and creativity are applied to all our projects.
  • RHA are not a one dimensional consultancy. We are able to apply our extensive expertise and creativity gained from a wide variety of complex projects within many specialist industry sectors, to all of our projects
  • RHA can adopt any status within a project:-
      a) that of lead consultant within and responsible for managing a professional project team as well as for our own works
      b) as a specialist consultant within a multi-disciplined professional project team managed by others
      c) as the sole specialist consultant responsible directly to the client
  • As consultants, having produced design concepts, information and works tender packages, we can manage the tendering or contract price negotiation process for the client, with all the designs, documentation,  quotations, contractor negotiations and appointments being fully transparent to our clients.
  • RHA can also undertake the separate vital roles of Design Management, close and extensive site supervision (above that expected for just our own design works), and consultancy associated with attraction operation, staffing, set-up and management.
  • RHA are truly an international consultancy, with the vast majority of our project commissions being from within countries outside of the UK and indeed Europe.