Aquarium Technical
RHA combine with Ocean Projects and other experienced aquarium professionals (architects, engineers, m&e etc.), to provide all that is required to set up and operate public aquariums and oceanariums worldwide. The design, set up and operation of public aquariums requires experienced and specialist expertise, none more so than for the essential technical elements such as plantrooms, filtration, water circulation and treatment, pipework and power distribution, systems controls.

RHA can provide a full and experienced technical service in-house, supplemented by our network of technically experienced aquarium industry expertise, to undertake:- 

  • full aquarium marine services concept development
  • aquarium tank design, tank services and in-tank aquarium décor theming concepts
  • aquarium plantroom design and pipework layouts
  • aquarium fish quarantine and feed prep facility concepts and design
  • aquarium water volumes and supply, circulation and turnover, filtration, treatment
  • aquarium glazing (acrylic or glass) requirements and specifications for tendering
  • aquarium tank lighting
  • fish list production, extensive database of species information and images for Interpretation material
  • management of fish and species procurement and husbandry
  • tender package production for the above, leading to contractor appointment
  • aquarium staffing requirements and training
  • consultant for the operation of the aquarium as an attraction
  • contract management of the technical and services contractors works
  • supervision of technical installations, of equipment commissioning and services operation
  • management of the production of operations and maintenance manuals