Tourist Attractions
Why use RHA for tourist attraction projects?

As consultants, by not undertaking any manufacturing and sale of products, RHA are not locked into rigid design, manufacturing or product options to suit our business. We are therefore able to providing our clients with a greater degree of creativity and “value for money spent” on projects.

In conjunction with our concept and detail designs and as part of our commission, we can produce either full or tailored works packages for tendering (or contractor negotiation) for fixed price quotations from appropriate contractors and suppliers within the worldwide marketplace. We can manage this tendering or negotiation process for the client, with all the designs, documentation, quotations, contractor negotiations and appointments being fully transparent to our clients. This process ensures our projects and clients receive appropriate contractor expertise and products at competitive marketplace prices.

The same methodology and range of specialist design expertise that we apply to public aquariums we also apply to tourist attraction, theme park and museum projects.

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