Design Management
why utilise the service of a design manager?

Concept development, design and implementation of tourist attraction projects involves numerous processes, disciplines and specialist expertise not generally familiar to clients and consultants within the general architectural, construction and fit-out sectors. The services of an experienced attractions design professional will provide that specialist knowledge and expertise to clients and project design teams, to work with them for smooth and professional operation of the attraction design process if:-

  • The client/project manager cannot commit sufficient time to the management of the important design process of unfamiliar elements and disciplines.
  • The client/project manager requires impartial and independent attractions design process expertise they do not possess, to manage on his behalf the attraction design services provided by others; to primarily advise, make recommendations, review and design vet the works of the attractions design team, co-ordinate the vital flow of information, report on and manage all aspects of the project.

Increasingly design consultants and contractors require clients to approve and sign off concept development stages. If you or your colleagues do not have the expertise or confidence to carry out these approvals responsibilities, and you need the comfort of an experienced consultant providing the important design related services noted above, then you and your project definitely DO require the services of an experienced attractions design manager.

Why RHA for the role of attractions design management?