Aquarium Design
concept design

RHA specialise in producing innovative and imaginatively planned layouts and concepts linked to efficient visitor flows that mesh with our developed concept storyline..

Our typical approach to concept development is as follows:-

  • development of the preliminary major theme and general storyline for the aquarium
  • development of an overall master plan for each floor, illustrating the visitor route and highlighting each zone within the aquarium
  • development of numerous layers of preliminary concept material for the aquarium as a whole and for each area, all linked back to the concept master plan and storyline
  • preliminary concept content & storylines are developed in greater detail for each area
  • development of the final concept detail after client approval of the preliminary concepts. The final concept material will consist of many elements, including exhibition design, public area décor design, in-tank décor design

Particular importance is placed on developing a cohesive and progressive visitor journey and storyline throughout the aquarium. Emphasis is provided by the design, size and impact of the wet displays, with supporting and varied visitor route elements as appropriate. The toolkit of options is vast and can include décor theming, set design and props, interactives, audio visual and multi-media elements, lighting, sounds, graphics and interpretation, staff presentation areas, creative use of materials and finishes, variations in height-width-visitor flows and visitor use of areas; all making for an interesting, stimulating, varied and educational visitor journey and experience.