Aquarium Design
exhibition design

Public exhibition environment concepts are developed up with supporting layers of information that include:-

  • Overall exhibition design concepts for each area (plans, elevations and selected details)
  • Written synopsis of the exhibition concept proposals, for the aquarium in general and  individual areas, and how they are to be achieved
  • Development of the storyline for each area, illustrating how it links into the master storyline
  • Overall description of the general ambience for each area
  • Client approval of the exhibition concepts

Full and detailed design information is produced for the often many exhibition elements within each area, ensuring compatibility of the designed and built public environment, displays and content, with the aquariological elements and requirements of the aquarium. With detailed design information in place, we can either produce comprehensive exhibition works tender packages for marketplace pricing from experienced  exhibition contractors, or ourselves and/or others negotiate fixed prices from the same contractors. RHA works with the appointed exhibition contractor(s) for the production of the exhibition fit-out concept and all its elements.

RHA can provide our clients with the all-round expertise of creative and experienced aquarium exhibition design,  combined with detailed and aquarium industry renowned aquariological expertise, as described in Aquariums - Technical.