Aquarium Technical
plant room design

Plantroom design is a very specialist discipline requiring aquarium specific expertise. Some of the important considerations influencing plantroom design include:-

  • what volumes of water are required in the tanks and the systems generally
  • what size and location of plantroom(s) is required
  • how many and what types of systems are required (freshwater, marine, tropical, chilled)
  • how is the water acquired (fresh and salt) stored and distributed around the aquarium, at what intervals and how is it regulated
  • what equipment is required to filter, treat, heat, chill the water
  • what are the waste products from the process and how are these to be treated
  • how is fresh water converted to salt water when fresh sea water is not available and how is it all to be combined and designed to fit within one or more plantroom spaces
  • what controls are required for the RHA specified operation of all of this equipment and for the creature environments produced
  • what services and power requirements are needed for efficient plantroom and systems operation
  • what are the design requirements for the floors, walls, ceiling, services, access to equipment, the location and access of plantrooms within the aquarium

RHA can provide conceptual information, designs and specifications for full and complex plantrooms within any sized public aquarium. We can produce detailed tender packages for the detail design, supply, installation and operation of equipment, installation, set-up and commissioning of all plantrooms.