Aquarium Design
decor theming - in-tank

We pride ourselves in developing creative, realistic, visually stimulating and practical in-tank creature environments that can be either totally artificially produced, based on live and natural elements such as rockwork, vegetation, algae etc., or combinations of both. Often our concepts require in-tank theming to extend realistically out of the tank environment as a display backdrop or into the public domain. Important practical considerations that need to be sensitively conceived and managed in order to create realistic and interesting in-tank environments include:-

  • tank lighting
  • appropriate in-tank props and artefacts that are non-toxic
  • display variety for in-tank views and theming from tank to tank
  • incorporation and concealment of in-tank pipework and services

With concept design information in place, we can either produce comprehensive tank theming works tender packages for marketplace pricing from experienced tank theming contractors, or negotiate fixed prices from the same contractors. We work with the appointed theming contractor(s) for the production of the themed tanks detail which will include scale models for each tank and décor theming samples. We then supervise all stages of the in-tank décor theming works, from workshop to site installation, tank set-up, dressing, testing and commissioning, including tank maturation and species introduction.