Aquarium Technical
tank design

We develop aquarium concept floor plan layouts with a view to maximising the potential for aquatic displays. Creative design of all tanks requires consideration for their size, impact, location, suitable and interesting creature environments, views into the display, their place within the overall aquarium and individual area storylines. Tank variety is central to our design philosophy. Whilst large tanks and big acrylic windows possess immense visual impact, small can also be beautiful. Appropriately designed, glazed, themed and positioned smaller tanks can be little gems within an aquarium, providing invaluable opportunities for close observation of a small number of species and their environment.

Large tanks are generally constructed on-site from reinforced concrete, requiring detailed  engineering design. Smaller tanks can be prefabricated off-site from a number of processes; themed, with pipework included and brought to site for placement and connection to waiting  services.

RHA develop detailed concept drawings for each tank, including proposed glazing panel sizes, thickness, shapes and placement within the tank structure. We produce tender packages for:-

  • the letting of the separate tank glazing fabrication and installation contract with an experienced aquarium glazing fabrication contractor    
  • prefabricated smaller tanks, their in-tank theming & services, installation and commissioning
  • waterproofing/sealing of the large concrete in-situ tanks
  • tank lighting concepts