Design Management
why RHA for the role of attractions design management?

Due to our extensive tourist attraction design and implementation expertise, RHA are increasingly being commissioned by clients to act as their design management representative for the fit-out of their attraction project. In carrying out this design management role and to avoid any conflict of interests RHA will not undertake any project design responsibilities. We generally act as an independent consultant to the client and/or project manager:-

  • as a member of the main project team
  • responsible for managing the all important project design process as it applies to the fit-out of the attraction
  • manage the performance and efficiency of those within the design team responsible for concept development and design implementation for the attraction
  • to ensure efficiency of the design process, value for money spent, design fit for purpose and quality of the final fit-out result.

Spend a few minutes to become familiar with our website and our expertise, then contact us for further information and discussions on how RHA can assist you in managing the design process for your tourist attraction, public aquarium, theme park, museum, leisure and retail complex.